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Wow! A couple of weeks ago I started adding Intermediate postures to primary. I am going up to Laghu Vajrasana. I did full intermediate until 2012 when I herniated my diaphragm.

I fasted yesterday for Eka Dasha the eleventh day after the Full Moon. Today I was so light the practice was a real joy. I took tea and coffee which is probably not real pure fast and also carrot juice with beet and ginger. I drank lots of water with an electrolyte powder.

I think I will do it again on the eleventh day after the New Moon. Fasting is very healing for the whole system. The longer you fast the better. The longest I have done was three days in May of 2017.

I am dropping back to the wall and I am almost to the floor. I am also using a rope on a hook to drop back after I do the wall. I really wish I had a student to work with besides my own practice. I am listed on Ashtanga Yoga Meetup Missoula with 190 members but no one comes.

Perhaps I need to host some sort of an event to arouse their interest. I am disappointed the Indian restaurant in town India Grill closed down. There is another Indian restaurant in town called Masal or Masal Meals. I don't really like it though. I should go back again and check it out. Perhaps I could have them cater a meal at the Open Way where I teach on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

I would also teach at home if I had at least one student. I prefer to do my own practice at home as I have an air purifier, dirty electricity filters, humidifier and a gas heater. I can easily get it up to 85 degrees with 45% humidity. I didn't used to like to do that because then the whole apartment was hot but now I have an exterior door on the room so I will be able to open it and cool the room off.

I added a deck out the door. I need some students to share it with.

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