I did a really stupid thing and went to Mill Valley to an Ashtanga Yoga Workshop by Tim Miller hosted by Peggy Orr.  Peggy had been to Missoula previously and given workshops and that is how I met her.  When Peggy first called me and invited me to come stay at her house and attend the workshop I declined, but she kept calling me until I relented.  It was from going to this workshop that I became enthralled by the Ashtanga community which I did not fit into. At the workshop I asked Tim if I would be able to go to Mysore and he assured me that I could.

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By going to Mysore I completely ruined my life.  I should have gotten out of there, but became addicted to practicing in the room in the new shala with all the students.  Not only that, but I was playing kirtan weekly with the students.  Someone turned me into the police and told them I was soliciting young boys.  I found this out by going to the police when my travelers checks and airline ticket were stolen.  This was before ATM's and e-tickets.  They immediately started treating me like a suspect and shortly afterwards a young boy started showing up at my door in the evening trying to get me to let him in.  I knew it was a set up and that his father, probably a detective on the force was waiting outside to burst in and arrest me.  After he stopped coming to the door I thought it was over and that I was vindicated.  But that was only the beginning.  If I had been smart I would have gotten out of Mysore right then and there, but I didn't.


Rita Gonzalez