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I made an unfortunate decision and went to an Ashtanga Yoga Workshop of Tim Miller's in Mill Valley California. I was hosted by a yoga teacher named Peggy who had been to Missoula previously and given workshops. That is how I met her.  When Peggy first called and invited me to come stay at her house and attend the workshop I declined, but she kept calling until I relented.  It was from going to this workshop I became enthralled by the Ashtanga Yoga Community which I did not fit into. At the workshop I asked Tim if I would be able to go to Mysuru and he assured me I would.

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By going to Mysuru I  ruined my life.  I should have gotten out of there, but became addicted to practicing in the room in the New Yoga Shala with all the students. I was also playing kirtan with them weekly.  Someone turned me into the police and told them I was soliciting young boys.  I found this out by going to the police when my travelers checks and airline ticket were stolen.  This was before ATM's and e-tickets.  The police immediately started treating me as a suspect and shortly afterwards a young boy began showing up at my door in the evening trying to get me to let him in.  I knew it was a set up and his father, a police detective was waiting outside to burst in and arrest me.  After the boy stopped coming to the door I thought it was over and I was vindicated.  But that was only the beginning.  If I had been smart I would have gotten out of Mysuru right then and there, but I didn't.                                                                                       Continue reading in the Blog!

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